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Areas of Expertise

  • Medicaid administrative claiming, including criteria for qualifying staff as Skilled Professional Medical Personnel
  • Web-based random moment time surveys and invoicing
  • Flexibility in federal funding
  • Child welfare services
  • Revenue enhancement strategies
  • Early childhood services and financing
  • Medicaid School-based health services
  • Integrating programs and financing
For more information about any of the work products, please contact us at 503.579.1010 or send us an inquiry.

Our Company

We blend social work, critical thinking, accounting, technology, and resource management to implement programs, train staff, and provide consultation regarding audit-readiness. We use our extensive policy knowledge and blend it with technology to achieve these goals, building user-driven and elegant web-based applications for our clients.

Program Implementation

The integration of policy, programming, and financing into useful tools for an end-user require a special set of skills. With our background in social work and our extensive knowledge of programs and fiscal policy, we have these skills that allow us to effectively implement programs.

We use our knowledge of federal and state policy to develop the full range of tools needed to make a program work policy manuals, training materials, and documentation forms.

Work we do:

  • clarify federal and state policies relevant to a program objective
  • lead strategic planning efforts
  • assess needs
  • consult on program design
  • develop tools for implementation policy manuals, documentation forms, training materials, etc.
  • train staff
  • evaluate program effectiveness and provide solutions for moving forward
  • build the financing needed for sustainability

Technical Services

Our knowledge of federal laws, regulations and policies result in technology that reflects the many nuances that must be addressed in any federal claiming effort.

These systems are highly automated, efficient, and simple to use. They expedite federal approval of specific claiming methodologies and provide tools to assist in audit-readiness.

We value adaptability in our technology, while creating user-friendly interfaces, recognizing the differences in size and program scope among the varying programs, agencies, and users.

Audit Readiness

In an era of increased federal fiscal accountability, HFA possesses a scope and breadth of knowledge regarding state and federal policy that enables us to ensure clients are audit-ready while also maximizing federal revenue capacities.

We recognize the intersections in our work—program implementation, accounting, training materials and documentation, and technology—and connect those to ensure that all aspects of a program are sound.

We are skilled at seeing the big picture, but understand that audit-readiness lies in the details; we are adept and providing quality assurance review and developing tools (both web-based and other types of documentation) to ensure our partners are in compliance with program requirements.


We work across systems — child welfare, juvenile justice, public health, mental health, early childhood, and education. Our partners include State Medicaid agencies, local governments and community based organizations.

We listen to our clients. We value our ability to speak honestly with them about unanticipated issues or needs.

We measure our success in the knowledge base we are committed to transferring to our client partners — and a new generation.

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