staff title

Hansine B. Fisher - President
Michelle Macintosh - Program Manager
Cindy Schuster - Technical Services Manager
Nella Kressel - Project Specialist
Carolyn Ehlers - Project Specialist
James Adney - Technical Specialist
Eugene Efremov - Technical Specialist

Hansine B. Fisher

Ms. Fisher provides consultation and technical support to state agencies and to local governments and community-based organizations. She has worked with health, mental health, juvenile services, child welfare, and education agencies to improve services for vulnerable populations through the maximization and flexible use of federal revenue, systemic reform efforts, outcomes-based management, and improved documentation and reporting systems. In recent years, she has worked closely with state and local governmental agencies to develop and implement comprehensive systems for federal claiming, including the use of web-based time surveys and fiscal and program documentation that is in compliance with all state and federal audit requirements.

Her experience has focused on the use of EPSDT for the reimbursement of treatment services, Targeted Case Management for school and community providers, Title XIX Medicaid for school-based health services, and Medicaid administration as a reimbursement strategy for outreach activities. The development of integrated financing strategies to support service continuums is another area in which Ms. Fisher concentrates.

Ms. Fisher received her BA in English literature from Pomona College and her MSW from Adelphi University.

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Michelle Macintosh
Program Manager

Ms. Macintosh provides consultation and technical support to state and local public health and educational agencies and community-based organizations. Her efforts are focused on the implementation and management of federal claiming mechanisms, the development and ongoing analysis of documentation and reporting systems to support claiming, and policy research. Ms. Macintosh has expertise in the use of Title XIX Medicaid for school-based health services, the use of Medicaid administration as a reimbursement strategy for outreach activities, and Targeted Case Management for school and community providers.

Her experience includes working with state and local public and mental health departments, educational and child welfare agencies, and community-based providers. She has written policy and procedures, operational and training manuals for Medicaid services and Title IV-E Foster Care and Adoption Assistance, and provided training.

Ms. Macintosh received her BA from the University of North Dakota and her MSW from the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

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Cindy Schuster
Technical Services Manager

Ms. Schuster provides planning and technical support related to the development of software, and has an integral role in its initial design and field testing. She specializes in the development and management of databases, including data processing and data analysis, and other tools for collecting and managing project data.

In Ms. Schuster's 10 years of working in this field, her experience has focused on the implementation of Medicaid administrative claiming in local health districts, local school districts and other public agencies. She also has experience in managing and operating direct service billing systems for Title XIX Medicaid school-based health services.

Ms. Schuster manages other HFA technical staff and works closely with HFA program consultants to ensure the successful implementation of all technical aspects of our projects.

Ms. Schuster graduated from Western Business College.

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Nella Kressel
Project Specialist

Ms. Kressel provides technical support to local governmental and community-based organizations on fiscal issues related to federal claiming. She has worked with health and mental health agencies to systematize their fiscal and program documentation to ensure accuracy in cost reports, invoices and compliance with federal claiming principles. She specializes in developing spreadsheets that integrate data elements required for claiming under various federal programs.

Her experience in public accounting spans over 30 years in San Diego County. She held various senior accounting positions in the probation and health and human services agencies, with a range of responsibilities including processing foster care payments, managing various grant accounting/claiming programs, and supervising the unit responsible for submitting Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA) and Targeted Case Management (TCM) claims.

Ms. Kressel graduated from San Diego State College (now University) and has completed additional accounting and business coursework. She joined HFA in March 2005.

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Carolyn Ehlers
Project Specialist

Ms. Ehlers works closely with clients and senior HFA staff, overseeing day-to-day project operations and providing project support. She specializes in database management, data analysis, the coordination of the daily project operations, and the preparation of written materials, including manuals, brochures, and other documents. She provides support on projects where Spanish speaking or writing are required.

Ms. Ehlers' experience includes assisting in the implementation of Medicaid administrative claiming in local health districts. She also has worked on projects related to direct service billing for Title XIX Medicaid school-based health services, where she oversaw the daily operations, provided technical assistance, and trained on billing software.

Ms. Ehlers graduated magna cum laude with a BA in English literature and a BA in Spanish literature from the University of New Mexico in 2004.

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